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Butterflies and valvework

ENA produces butterfly valves in circular and rectangular designs for the most diverse requirement profiles; by equipping with appropriate drive units the most varied shut-off, control and dosing functions can be solved.
The constantly expanding area of application for ENA butterfly valves is linked with a raft of advantages:

  • Simple and robust construction (low-maintenance)
  • Short installed lengths (low space requirement)
  • Execution in steel, stainless steel and special materials, materials can be combined (adaptable to any medium)
  • High level of leak-tightness
  • Good control characteristic
  • Flow-favourable form
  • Shut Off and Control Valves
  • Double Shut Off Valves
  • Double Excentric Valves
  • Double Pendular Valves
  • Pressure Release valves
  • Chimney Valves
  • Toggle Lever Valves
  • Slide Gates
  • Pivot Wing Valve
  • Special Engineering