Flue dampers are deployed to prevent the cooling down of switched off plant in phases and thus contribute to energy savings and hence environmental protection. ENA combines two actuating functions. On the one hand, the butterfly can be switched to OPEN or CLOSED by means of a drive and on the other, the butterfly opens automatically at a defined gauge pressure. Monitoring by DVSzert identifies us as a specialised company in accordance with EU Regulation 305/2011 and this is certified accordingly. Options such as integrated rainwater run-off or insulated butterflies round the system off.

Functionshut-off, control or throttling and pressure relief
Cross sectionin circular or rectangular execution
Designas flanged valve
Number of leafssingle leaf, multiple leaf
Mediumgaseous, pressure range to 0,5 bar, temperature range -50 to +800°C
Explosion protectionoptional
Shaft sealgland packing, also Clean Air Guidelines conformant /O-ring
Leaf sealmetallic striking / soft seal, chambered
Flange connectionto DIN / BS / ANSI / customer specification
Insulationwithout / internally lined / / prepared for on-site external insulation
Materialssteel / stainless steel
Actuationelectric / pneumatic / hydraulic / also with emergency actuation in the case of power failure