Double flap valves are devices for discharging bulk materials, e.g. below conveying systems, filters or cyclones. Each one of the valve flaps arranged in tandem opens and closes alternately. This design enables a continuous discharge with simultaneous sealing. By means of different drive types, which can also be designed with overload protection, the flaps or butterflies can be adapted to customer specifications. Large maintenance openings enable cleaning and/or maintenance.

Functionshut-off, dosing or discharging
Cross sectionin rectangular execution
Designas flanged valve or as weld-end valves
Number of butterfliestwo arranged in tandem
Mediumbulk material, -50 to +800°C
Explosion protectionoptional
Shaft sealgland packing, also Clean Air Guidelines conformant /O-ring
Leaf sealmetallic striking / soft seal, chambered
Flange connectionDIN / BS / ANSI / customer specification
Insulationwithout / internally lined / internally / prepared for on-site external insulation
Materialssteel / stainless steel
Actuationelectric / pneumatic / hydraulic /    weighted, each with overload protection