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Shut Off and Control Valves


This type of butterfly, also called damper valve, has repeatedly proven itself due to its simple and robust design. Multiple leaf variants are described under multi-leaf dampers. By means of various options, this valve is able to fulfil different functions or can be adapted respectively to different operating conditions.

Functionshut-off, control or throttling, or a combination of all
Cross sectionin circular or rectangular execution
Designas flanged valve, as sandwich valve for clamping between flanges or as weld-end valves 
Flange connectionto DIN / BS / ANSI / customer specification
Number of leafssingle leaf, multiple leaf valves are designated multi-leaf dampers
Mediumgaseous, pressure range to 10 bar, temperature range -50 to +1200°C
Explosion protectionoptional
Shaft sealgland packing, also Clean Air Guidelines conformant /O-ring
Leaf sealwithout (sweeping) / metallic striking / soft seal, chambered 
Insulationwithout / internally lined / internally clad with fibre insulation / prepared for on-site external insulation
Materialssteel / stainless steel
Actuationelectric / pneumatic / hydraulic / hand lever / also with emergency actuation in the case of power failure