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During recent years, ENA GmbH has steadily expanded its scope of services and supply in the field of plant subsystems. The fields of combustion air systems and flue gas ducting have, in particular, been significantly developed.

The combination of design experience and available manufacturing options guarantee – together with close customer contact – smooth order processing and punctual supply deadlines. For the customer, this form of cooperation is as beneficial as it is sensible as their own capacities are not tied up. The frequently tricky interface problems are also dispensed with as design and manufacture are in the same hands. ENA GmbH has the experience of supplying systems for more than 25 plants. These supplies consist of more than 1300 tons of air and flue gas ducting with hangers, support structures and guides, more than 500 butterflies and virtually as many compensators.

Production within our own manufacturing facilities to the quality standards:

  • EN ISO 3834-2 (Quality assurance for welding production)
  • AD 2000 /HP 0 (Approval for pressure vessels)
  • EN ISO 9001 (Quality management system)


We deliver your plant directly and punctually to your construction site.


Installation and installation supervision in consultation with yourselves.


Should you require it, we will also carry out the maintenance work for you.