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2. HOME  
Welcome to ENA We, ENA Energietechnik und Anlagenbau GmbH, offer worldwide solutions for plant operators. Our company produces both our own products such as butterfly valves, gate valves and compen  
3. Special Engineering  
SPECIAL DESIGNS Besides our standard range, we also design and produce butterfly valves for extreme operating conditions. These include pressure surge resistant butterflies and also butterflies wh  
4. Pivot Wing Valve  
PIVOT WING VALVE Function shut-off Due to the asymmetric shaft position, a circumferential seal can be used and the leak-tightness increased. Can also be executed as a 2-way butterfly. Cross sect  
5. Slide Gates  
SLIDE GATES Function Function shut-off, control or throttling With small available installation widths, gate valves are frequently deployed; the pressure drop can also be minimised as the duct is  
6. Toggle Lever Valves  
Toggle lever flaps Function Shut-off These dampers are a special form of swing flap damper for larger cross-sections. A lever design enables a low torque on the damper shaft. Can also be supplied  
7. Chimney Valves  
FLUE DAMPERS Flue dampers are deployed to prevent the cooling down of switched off plant in phases and thus contribute to energy savings and hence environmental protection. ENA combines two actuati  
8. Pressure Release valves  
PRESSURE RELIEVING BUTTERFLY VALVES Pressure relieving butterfly valves are automatic opening or closing safety devices. Designed for applications where the butterfly valve protects industrial faci  
9. Shut Off and Control Valves  
Shut Off and Control Valves This type of butterfly, also called damper valve, has repeatedly proven itself due to its simple and robust design. Multiple leaf variants are described under multi-le  
10. Double Shut Off Valves  
Double shut-off valves Where 100% leaktightness, even to TRD, is demanded then double shut-off butterflies are deployed. Two butterflies or one butterfly with double sealing form an air seal chambe  
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